Tournament Overviews

All of our Tournaments offer the same quality standards at every location, event, city, state and time of year. 

Our programs center around amenities, and the 1st class treatment players deserve.  We believe if you are going to invest time and financial resources to participate in youth sports, you deserve amenities of high regard. 

The fundamentals of our events are listed below. 

What is a Super Saver Series Event?
1-day, 3 game guarantee events save time and money for families.  Families have a lot of things going on during the busy school year.  We are the first organization in the Rocky Mountain Region that offered these events starting in 2000.  Teams play 3 games in a 5-6 hour time-frame, all located in the same facility.  No lodging, multiple days of travel, family meals, and admission is charged. Compare the costs to other events over an entire weekend, and the savings adds up over one weekend, let alone the long school year!

In addition, these events are considered QUALIFIERS.  These events allow our staff to evaluate the results, point differentials, win/losses, and overall talent of teams.  Teams then are appropriately scheduled in future events to ensure the best learning environment.   

What are the Championship Series (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)? 
These events allows teams participating in the qualifier series to compete against the best of the best in their appropriate Tier levels to determine an eventual champion.  These events are 2 day events with 4-5 games for each team (depending on the success of each team). 

Levels of play:
Tier I Division:  Advanced, travel team skill
Tier II Division:  Average team skill either club or school based.

Tier III:  Beginner, recreational divisions. 

Scheduling of games:
Tournament will be scheduled by hand to accommodate travel needs, special requests and circumstances necessary for teams participation.  Personalized scheduling accounts for travel and maximum games/minimal time.  we do not use a computer to generate the schedule.  It's impossible for a computer generated schedule to factor in the needs of teams, special requests and ultimately less time and money in the gym.  Have you attended an event where your team plays at 9:00 am, and then again at 3 or 4 pm?  Not at our events! 

Refund policy:

If a team cancels participation prior to our scheduling, a full refund is provided.

If a team cancels after a tournament is scheduled, we provide refunds/partial/no refunds based on the following.

1.  If we are able to find a replacement team willing to pay full price, a full refund is provided.

2.  If we are able to find a replacement team willing to pay a portion of the full entry, a partial refund is provided minus the difference in the partial entry.

3.  If a team is not willing to pay full or partial payment, the entry will then be offered free to a team in replacement of the cancellation team, and no refund is provided.  

4.  If weather creates postponement or cancellation of an event, teams are allowed to transfer the value of the tournament entry to another event during that season (spring, summer, fall, winter)

3-person officiating crews for all tournament games, assigned by certified assignors with officials being state certified officials for sub-varsity and varsity level teams.  

Spectator Admission: 

League and tournament spectator admission is $5.00 per person.  If the rate changes, it will be identified on the individual tournament or league event identified as a "special event".  

Awards are provided for each division and Tier level for 1st and 2nd place participants.

Full-sized, regulation courts for all games. 

Tournament Rules:

Rules are consistent throughout all events, regardless of location and strictly enforced to ensure safety and fair play in all of our events.  We use the state high school league bench decorum, and coaches box for all games. 

Age/Grade Verification:
All players must be able to verify their age and/or grade level.  Each coach must provide a copy of either a players birth certificate and/or identification that verifies current grade level for a player.  If a player is questioned and coach is unable to verify, the player is ruled ineligible for play.  If a team uses an illegal player, they are automatically disqualified from the tournament and future participation in P2PS events. 

Personal Concierge
For all events, our staff is available to assist with all travel, lodging, meal/team planning considerations.  Contact information is available start to finish to ensure the visit, whether far or local is a positive experience. 

If your looking to travel with your team and want to offer your parents, players and coaches the best event possible look at our events that we are running outside of Colorado. We have events running during the Fall, Winter, and Spring series of tournaments.