Back To School Challenge

9th grade-varsity boys and girls, Saturday, September 16  (max 50 teams accepted)
3rd-8th grade boys and girls, Sunday, September 17 (max 50 teams accepted)
1 day, 3 game guarantee


Team Arrival and Rating Form
Power 2 Play Sports Event Center (view here)

5699 Crooked Stick Drive, Windsor CO


Registration and Refund Policy
High School teams are FREE with sub-varsity team registered (2 for 1)

1-day, 3 game guarantee.  Games will start approximately 9:00 am. 
​Teams typically play 3 games in a 5-6 hour time-frame maximum to accommodate travel.  
Example:  Teams starting 9 am, would typically have games, 9, 11, and 1
Others starting later in the day would follow the same time-frame

3 person crews are assigned and evaluated by state high school league assignors Bruce Bird and Lloyd Martinez
All officials are required background check, and certified with the state high school league in Wyoming or Colorado

Spectator Admission
View Visitor Information 
Adults/Seniors/Students:  $5.00 per person
5Under:  Free

1st and 2nd place teams presented awards​