​​​2018 Fall P2P Sports Boys and Girls Basketball Tryouts

The primary goal of the fall program is to help players find a place to play the game of basketball.  If our program is not what you are looking for, we encourage you to look at other tryout options available. We will assist club teams looking for players, and players who are inquiring, provide leads to the clubs and teams in the area looking for players.  

We do NOT actively recruit players.  We believe loyalty to club teams is important and those currently on teams should honor that commitment unless it simply won't work.  If not, we are available to help the development of all players.  

All players make a team (are placed based on ability)
High school head and/or assistant coaches direct teams
All players receive free membership to P2P Event Center for open gym and pick up times throughout the fall season
All practices, and games are held at the P2P Event Center

Head coaches selected are currently high school coaches (head or assistant)
*Interested in coaching?

Girls, karin@powertoplaysports.com

Boys Club Director, Monty Alcaraz, 970.310.7119
Girls Club Director, Karin Nichols, 719.233.6741

Tryouts in September, and the season runs through December 29.
Teams developed during the fall are offered the opportunity to stay together and compete in the winter season (January-March 20).  

Tryout Fee:  $35.00/player (applied to your team fee if selected)

Player Selection:
10 players will be placed per team on 4-8th grade boys and girls teams
(2 teams maximum per grade level selected/20 players)

All practices held at the P2P Sports Event Center, Windsor
Practices determined after team selected based on coach and player availability

Tournament/League Schedule:
*All events are hosted at the P2P Sports Event Center

Final budget pending 
Approximately $550-650.00 per player
Our goal is to keep the cost affordable to all players interested in playing

While we wish we were able to provide the opportunity for FREE, the costs associated with the program include:
Player uniform, shorts, and shooting shirt
Coaches pay, insurance, and apparel
Tournament and league entry fees
Facility rental and insurance
Club director management fee
​P2P Sports per player management fee