​2018 FREE VARSITY High School Team Camps


*All games hosted at the P2P Event Center

3-person officiating crews assigned by CSHAA assignors Bruce Bird and Lloyd Martinez

Varsity teams FREE with 1-sub-varsity team registered (compare to other organizations in the region

charging $700-800.00 per team!, SAVE $$$ for your high school program)
​6 games at all levels

Maximum 100 teams will be accepted to guarantee all certified officiating crews, and all games at the Event Center


High School Girls:  June 7-9 (Thursday-Saturday)
High School Boys:  June 14-16 (Thursday-Saturday)

​FREE varsity boys and girls teams with 1-sub varsity team registered

​JV, C, and D teams, $550.00/team
Early Registration is $550.00/team
$600.00 per team for all received AFTER May 15.  


​Power2Play Sports Event Center, 5699 Crooked Stick Drive, Windsor 80550

303.667.6264, or