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April/MayK-12th gradesLeague (12+ games)

P2P Sports Spring League

Sat/Sun, April 13-14K-12th gradesCHAMPIONSHIP/EXPOSURE (2-day, 4-6 games)
Coaches Classic 
Saturday, April 279-12th GradesSuper Saver Series (1-day, 3 games)

NOCO Showcase

Sunday, April 28K-8th GradesSuper Saver Series (1-day, 3 games)

NOCO Showcase

May 3-54-12th GradesCHAMPIONSHIP (5 game minimum)Valley Isle Championships (Maui, Hawaii)

Saturday, May 4K-12th gradesSuper Saver Series (1-day, 3 games)Colorado Shoot-Out

Sat/Sun, ​May 10-11

K-12th grade GIRLSCHAMPIONSHIP/EXPOSURE (2-day, 4-6 games)

P2P Spring Finals (girls)

Sat/Sun, May 17-18K-12th grades BOYSCHAMPIONSHIP/EXPOSURE (2 days, 4-6 games)
P2P Spring Finals (boys)
Saturday, May 25K-12th gradesSuper Saver Series (1-day, 3 games)Spring Blockbuster



June9-12th gradesLeague (12+ games)High School Summer League
JuneK-8th gradesLeague (12+ games)

Youth Summer League 

Sat/Sun, June 1-2K-12th grades2-DAY (4-5 games)

Greeley Spradley Barr Wild West Showdown
AAU Super Regional!

Thur-Sat, June 6-89-12th grades3-DAY (6-7 games)

High School Girls Team Camp

Thur-Sat, June 13-159-12th grades3-DAY (6-7 games)

High School Boys Team Camp

June 29-30K-12th grades2-DAY (5-6 games)

Independence Explosion

Fri-Sun, July 5-7K-12th grades BOYSCHAMPIONSHIP/EXPOSURE (4-6 games)5280 Championships 
Fri-Sun, July 12-14K-12th Grades GIRLSCHAMPIONSHIP/EXPOSURE (4-6 games)5280 Championships
Fri-Sun, July 19-21K-12th gradesCHAMPIONSHIP/EXPOSURE (4-6 games)P2P Summer Finals 
Saturday July 279-12th gradesSuper Saver Series (1-day, 3 games)

End Of Summer Challenge

Sunday, July 28K-8th gradesSuper Saver Series (1-day, 3 games)End of Summer Challenge

Saturday, August 3K-12th grades

 We've Got Game 3 V 3 Summer Championships

Saturday, August 10K-12th gradesSuper Saver Series (1-day, 3 games)Summer Tournament of Champions
August 8-29K-12th grades
We've Got Game 2 V 2 League